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16 February 2018



This chapter was last updated on Feb 16, 2018.


At my StraightTalkInvesting Newsletter, we do a portfolio review with significant equity fund changes in early May, and again at the end of October.   My buy and sell recommendations are clearly stated,  such as “buy this ETF for 10% of your equity portfolio, and sell that dividend-payor, etc”; and I never use vague weasel-words.

The track record for my newsletter’s equity recommendations is:

2002   10%

2003   35%

2004   5%

2005   25%

2006   24%

2007   .5%

2008   minus 10%

2009   24%

2010   13%

2011   minus 13%

2012   11%

2013   15%

2014   17%

2015     1%    

2016   14%

2017      8%

for a yearly average of 11% on our equities. (Remember though that equities should comprise only a part of your nest-egg, with lower returning but safer Income generating investments, presently averaging 2-4% per year).

The income generating investments that I recommend  tend to be long-term. For equities,  Momentum ETFs make up one-half of our recommended equity portfolio: these change every 6 months. (See Ch 5.5).  The other half of our equity selections are dividend achievers, which are held for as long as they perform; often several years. (See chapter 5.3 for how and why dividend achievers are important).

I always invest 100% of my family’s portfolio in the manner advocated in each newsletter.

You can sign-up for an introductory 2-issue subscription for $50, including GST. To recieve a trial subscription, just send a cheque payable to Dale Rathgeber Professsional Corporation at 225 1st Ave NW, Airdrie Ab T4B 2M8. Please put your email address on the cheque, and give us the name of your broker, so that we can be assured that you have a discount broker who will not charge you exorbitant fees for implementing our strategy. (See the list of good discount brokers in Chapter 2.1. Note again that if you need to switch to a discount broker, they will do all of the paperwork, and that you need not confront your present broker or advisor). The regular yearly fee is $350, and you can cancel at any time without hassle.

Part 3 of this manual continues with equity investing.