The free 38 page investing and retirement planning manual is now complete

16 February 2018


The free 38 page e-manual for busy Canadians is now complete.  It is a straight-talking investing and retirement-planning self-help manual.   It started it’s life as a blog with a new chapter published weekly.  The self-help maunual was completed in 2012, and is now updated regularly.

It is in 4 parts on the side-bar, under “Pages”.

This manual is concise. It is designed for those time-strapped Canadians who either have previously been intimidated by investing or retirement planning; and/or those who should divorce their advisor/seller. It runs 38 pages, plus Appendices for specialty-topics. Young and less wealthy investors can ignore several Chapters, which are clearly said to be applicable to older and more wealthy investors. For them, the manual could be as short as 15-20 pages.

The type is small due to the word-press format.  If it is too hard to read, you can copy, paste and enlarge it into a word document, but you must do so for each of the 4 Parts.